Mike Lentz Nature Photography

It's all about the light

The sun won’t be up for another hour on this cold crisp morning in central Minnesota.  I hear splashes and the rustling of my quarry from the other side of the pond. I step into my neoprene hip waders; a jacket, gloves, and a hat finish off my uniform. I step into the water, and as I close the blind around me the darkness is complete with the exception of the faint shafts of light coming through the peepholes strategically placed in the canopy. I begin to work my way out into the pond; I try to be as quiet as possible.  Progress is slow not only because the muck sucks at my feet with every step, but also because I have to work my way around the fallen trees and limbs hidden beneath the water. I wade out until the water is up to the middle of my chest. This puts the camera mounted on the deck at eye-level. I finally make my way to the other side of the pond and I wait— I wait for my quarry to accept my blind and I wait for the light.  If this sounds like fun to you, then you must be a nature photographer, and you really should consider building a floating blind!

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